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iPhone 15 USB-C Charger Will Have Limitations


It is no more a rumor that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 smartphones will come with USB-C ports instead of lightning ports. The news is all over and almost every fan of Apple products is aware of it. But don’t get too excited yet, this is Apple we are talking about. A company that always wants to find a different way of doing everything.

As you may already know, it was not entirely Apple’s decision to opt for USB-C ports. The company is just trying to comply with a new regulation by EU which requires all electronic devices to use the same type of charging ports.

Apple will Restrict the Charging and Data Transfer Speed in iPhone 15 USB-C Ports

According to Apple Analyst Kuo, Apple will restrict the advantages of using the USB-C in the iPhone 15 series. Apple will restrict the charging speed and data transfer speed of the USB-C to work with only MFI-certified chargers and cables. MFI here stands for Made for iPhone, iPad etc. Kuo believes that Apple is doing this with the hope of increasing demand for its own 20W USB-C adaptor.

I believe Apple will optimize the fast-charging performance of MFi-certified chargers for the iPhone 15. Among Apple’s chargers, the 20W USB-C model is the most cost-effective choice for iPhone users, resulting in strong replacement demand for 20W USB-C chargers.

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Kuo believes that most users around the world may like to have extra USB-C chargers in addition to the benefits of owning the certified Apple charger. This assumption has the capacity to drive high demand for Apple’s own USB-C chargers.

iPhone USB-C Charger Shipment Will See a Massive Growth in 2023

Taking this into consideration, the shipment of 20W MFI-certified USB-C chargers is expected to grow 30 to 40% YoY, says Kuo. In numbers, Apple is expected to ship about 230 to 240 million units of USB-C chargers in 2023. Apple will gain from this of course but the greater benefit will go to Apple’s supplier, LY iTech. iPhone USB-C Charger

Since 2012, all MFI-certified chargers have featured a small integrated circuit. This circuit is responsible for confirming the authenticity of the charger. Rumors have suggested that Apple’s USB-C chargers will also feature this same circuit. That isn’t the main concerns for users, the main concern is that Apple will use this circuit to limit the charging speed and data transfer speed of the iPhone 15 series.

So, before you get too excited about the USB-C port in the iPhone 15, keep in mind that Apple likes to do things quite differently and might limit the charging speed and data transfer speed in the iPhone 15. However, Kuo has previously reported that the pro models will feature higher data transfer speed. The standard iPhone 15 models will stick to the 2.0 speed of the lightning port.

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