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HyperX’s next adorable keycap is the MapleStory Orange Mushroom


HyperX has a new custom keycap available for those who adore adorable accessories, the MapleStory Orange Mushroom. If you’ve ever seen anything regarding MapleStory, then chances are you’ve seen this mushroom before. It’s one of the original monsters from the MapleStory MMO, and has become something of an icon for the franchise and, coincidentally the franchise mascot. Of sorts.

If you go to the Play Store and search for Maple Story M, the Orange Mushroom is what you’re going to see for the app icon. Go to the official MapleStory website, and you’ll see the Orange Mushroom as the icon for the browser tab. You get the idea. So naturally, when HyperX decided to do a second custom keycap and center it around MapleStory, the Orange Mushroom was the likely choice.

This marks the second custom keycap from HyperX. Having first released the Cozy Cat keycap back in January.

HyperX will put the MapleStory keycap up for sale this month

Like the Cozy Cat keycap, you won’t have long to get the Orange Mushroom. If you’re looking to adorn your keyboard with this custom keycap, you can purchase it starting March 17 at 9am PST and will have until March 19 at 9am PST. After that, it’s gone. You can get it directly from HyperX on the official website here. The keycap will cost $19.99.

One thing to keep in mind is that these will be limited edition. HyperX says they’ll be available while supplies last. So there is certainly a chance that stock could run out before the March 19 date when they’re no longer available for sale. If you want it, it’s probably best to pick it up right when it goes live. Just to be on the safe side.

In addition to the new keycap coming up at the end of this week, HyperX is also holding another fan appreciation event, the HyperX Loot Drop III, which starts today and will last until March 27. You can read more about that here.

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