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Huawei is Getting Rid of All US Components


Do you think it is going to take a miracle for Huawei to bounce back? No, I seriously don’t think so! Truly, the US ban has really brought a lot of harm to the Chinese phone maker. However, taking a closer look at the magnitude of the ban, things could have been worse if this happened to any other company. Huawei’s survival alone proves how strong the company is and the ban seems to have made the company even stronger.

So, if Huawei has not given up its smartphone business even after these multiple bans by the United States, then what is really the driving force of the company? It is mainly because Huawei has a plan for the future, a vision that only a few can see. This is why the company is still making phones each year. The ban on Huawei did not just mean the lack of Google Mobile Services but hardware components as well. But Huawei looks determined to survive it all.

Already, the company has come out with its own mobile services to replace GMS and a new report has also said that the Chinese tech giant has replaced more than 13,000 parts in all of its products that were affected by the US sanctions. This statement came from the CEO of Huawei Ren Zhengfei.

Huawei Has Replaced Most US Components

Shanghai Jiao Tong University posted a transcript of a speech by Ren. In the speech, he said over the past three years, Huawei has replaced over 13,000 of its product components with domestic components. The company has also redesigned 4,000 circuit boards for its own products.

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According to the university, Ren made this speech on the 24th of February when he was speaking to Chinese technology experts. The university posted a transcript of his speech on its website on Friday.

Ren also said that Huawei has invested an amount of $23.8 billion in Research and Development in 2022. The company will continue to invest more money in R&D as profit goes up, Ren added.

Huawei has also built its own enterprise resource planning system according to Ren. This system is called MetaERP which the company plans to launch in April. This system will help run the company’s core business functions, supply chain and manufacturing operations.

Huawei Does not Plan to Rival ChatGPT Huawei

Ren also said the Huawei has no plans to launch a rival system to AI tools like ChatGPT. However, he stated that Microsoft, the largest investor of OpenAI would not be the only dominant force in that category. Nevertheless, Huawei will focus on being the main platform that powers AI.

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