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How to use Discord voice chat on PS5


Today Sony finally rolled out the system software update that enabled Discord voice chat for all PS5 users, and we’re here to help you get it set up so you can use it when playing games.

While Sony has created a perfectly fine voice chat system for PS5, it’s just not as good as Discord. Even if you find them comparable in quality, you just may prefer Discord because that’s what your friends use. And that can be a big deal if you play games with your friends that are cross-platform and they’re on Xbox or PC. So, this is where the Discord voice chat for PS5 comes in handy and why you may prefer to use it instead.

In this guide we’ll walk you through the steps to set it up so you’re ready to go anytime you want to hop into a chat.

How to use Discord voice chat on PS5

Discord Voice Chat on PS5

To get started, you’ll need to set everything up first and there are a handful of steps. Once everything is configured, using voice chat for all future sessions is pretty quick and easy. So let’s get to it.

Update your PS5’s system software

You should have a system software update to download as the update was pushed out to all users globally this morning. If you leave your PS5 in rest mode and have auto updates turned on, then the update is probably already installed. But it’s worth double checking.

Update your Discord mobile app

After the system software update on PS5, make sure your Discord mobile app is updated to the most recent version as well. Head to the Play Store or App Store and initiate the update.

Link your Discord account to your PS5

Next you’ll need to link your Discord account to your PS5. Here’s how you do that.

Go to the PS5’s settings menu

How To Use Discord Voice On PS5 5

Start by going to the settings menu on your PS5. You can find this in the top right corner of the main screen. It looks like a little cog.

Open the Users and Accounts menu

How To Use Discord Voice On PS5 2

Once inside settings, go to the Users and Accounts menu.

Open the Linked Services menu


Now go to the Linked Services menu. In this menu you’ll find Discord as one of the account options you can link to your PS5 console. Click on Discord and the click on Link Account.

Scan the QR Code in the Discord app

Once you click on Discord in the Linked Services menu and click Link Account, the next screen will have you complete the link with one of two methods. The easiest way is to scan the QR code that you see on your PS5 screen using the mobile app. To do this, launch the mobile app and then tap on your profile avatar. This will bring up your account settings and towards the bottom of the menu you should see an option to “scan a QR code.” This is used to log you in with your Discord credentials on other platforms and to link your Discord account.

The other method is to open the browser on your mobile device or computer and head to, then enter the 8-digit code you see on the screen. If you scan the QR code, you shouldn’t need to enter the 8-digit code as a second step. After the QR code scans, you should be all set, and see a screen that says your accounts are now linked like in the image above.

Launch the Discord mobile app

Now launch the Discord mobile app again if it isn’t already open on your phone.

Find a voice channel and join it

Screenshot 20230308 103508 Discord

Find the voice channel you want to join so you can talk with your friends while you play on PS5. Join that voice channel. Once you’re in, drag up the panel at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see an option to transfer the call to PlayStation. Tap on that.

Select the console to transfer the call to

Screenshot 20230308 103517 Discord

Next, select the console to transfer the call to. If you only have one PlayStation in the home, then you’ll only see the one option. Select that console and click on the Join Call on PlayStation button at the bottom.

You’re all set!

And that’s how you set up and use Discord voice chat on PS5. Once you’ve transferred the call, you’ll see a pop up notification on your PS5 that says the call has been transferred and that you’ve joined that voice channel. And if you go to the party chat menu you can see the Discord voice channel you’re in as well as who else is in there with you. You can also adjust a few settings and leave the voice channel from here.

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