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How to Protect Your Pixel 6 or Galaxy S22 From Exynos Security Flaws


In case you missed it, Google’s Project Zero discovered 18 zero-day vulnerabilities in Exynos modems. These Exynos security flaws are leaving multiple Samsung Galaxy devices and Google Pixel phones vulnerable to internet-to-baseband remote code executions.

The good news is that Samsung has already addressed some Exynos security flaws with the March 2023 security patch. However, not all of them were fixed. That is, if you have an Exynos 850, Exynos 1280, or Exynos 2200 modem in your phone, you are still at risk!

What You Should Do To Protect Yourself from Exynos Security Flaws

At the core, the Exynos security vulnerabilities require specific 5G features to be turned on. Although more patches regarding the flaws are on their way, they can take some time. So, at this moment, if you turn those 5G features off, you can keep yourself from security flaws.

How to Protect Pixel 6 From Exynos Security Flaws

  • Go to the settings app on your Pixel
  • Navigate to Network & Internet
  • Locate and tap Calls & SMS
  • Find WiFi calling and make sure you disable it for both the sims

For Galaxy S22 or Other Galaxy Devices

  • Go to the settings app on your Galaxy device
  • Select Connections
  • Togg WiFi Calling off
  • Tap on Mobile Networks
  • Find VoLTE calls settings and turn it off
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You might not have VoLTE settings on your phone. It purely depends on the carrier that you are relying on. So, if you do not find it, you can do nothing to shut it off. But to be sure, you can always search “VoLTE” in the settings menu. If settings appear, turn it off to keep yourself safe from the Exynos security flaws. Do note that on Google Pixel 6, the updates in 2021 automatically enabled it and removed the toggle.

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In short, as long as you keep the WiFi Calling and VoLTE off, you don’t need to worry too much about the Exynos security flaws. And make sure to update your phone as soon as a patch drops by.

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