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GTA and Cities Skylines collide in new city builder on a Steam sale


Brand new city-building game Big Ambitions is rocketing up the Steam charts, as the fusion between games like Cities Skylines, GTA, and even House Flipper has an introductory sale right now, available for a limited time. Big Ambitions is currently in early access, so expect even more from the game further down the line.

We recently talked about the clear inspirations of Big Ambitions – like GTA Chinatown Wars – before it was released in Steam Early Access on March 10. You’re tasked with opening up businesses in New York City with the view to creating a massive entrepreneurial empire. The game combines the money management of Cities Skylines, the tone of GTA, and interior customisation of games like House Flipper.

The introductory offer for Big Ambitions knocks 10% off the asking price until March 17, bringing it to $20.69 USD / £17.38 GBP.

Number five on the top sellers chart as of publication and peaking at around 10,000 concurrent players, Big Ambitions is clearly off to a very good start, and the limited-time discount just sweetens the deal. With over 1,000 reviews and climbing, Big Ambitions also has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” Steam reception, if that sways you at all.

Simulation game developer Hovgaard Games also published a roadmap when Big Ambitions launched, highlighting the early access plans for 2023, alongside post-release dreams of new cities like London, Paris, online co-op, massive mod support, and more jobs.

You can find Big Ambitions over on Steam right now, with plenty of extra information about the game too.

While Big Ambitions channels GTA a fair bit it still may not be enough to tide you over until the GTA 6 release date. In that case, try the best management games on PC instead.

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