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Great retro video games you should play


Retro video games are classic or old-school games developed for older-generation consoles and computers. They are typically based on outmoded video game systems but can be enjoyed in the present using modern hardware emulation.


Some of these games were so influential that they motivated software developers to create online casino games that gamblers can easily access in low deposit casinos. This article shares six retro video games that will blow your mind.

Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart (SMK) is the first game in the Mario Kart series, developed and published by Nintendo in 1992. It sold over 8.6 million copies worldwide, becoming the fourth best-selling Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) game of all time. It is a kart racing game with single and multiplayer functionalities, where players choose one of eight Mario franchise characters, each with different capabilities.

Super Mario Kart is often credited as the pioneer of the kart-racing subgenre of video games, leading other game developers to attempt to replicate its success. It was re-released on the Wii’s Virtual Console in 2009, the New Nintendo 3DS’s Virtual Console in 2016, and as part of the Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Edition in 2017.

Tomb Raider

The first Tomb Raider video game was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive in 2017. The game follows Lara Croft, an archaeologist-adventurer, as she navigates through several ancient ruins and tombs in search of treasures, an artifact called the Scion of Atlantis. It is set in four locations–Peru, Greece, Egypt, and the lost city of Atlantis. In her quest for ancient treasures, Lara must kill dangerous animals while exploring the ruins and solving puzzles.

Following its release, Tomb Raider was well-received among gamers and won several industry awards. The game is one of PlayStation’s best-selling video games, having sold over seven million units worldwide. Its popularity spurred Microgaming, a renowned software developer in the gambling industry, to develop a slot game based on it. The eponymous game has five reels and 15 paylines and features three special symbols, including Lara herself, the Tomb Raider logo, and the Idol symbol. You can enjoy this game at various reputable Canadian casinos and win substantial payouts, which can be even better if Encore Boston Harbor will construct its new gaming facility.

The Legend Of Zelda

Originally published in Japan as The Hyrule Fantasy: Zelda no Densetsu, the Legend of Zelda is an action-adventure game from Nintendo that hit the market in 1986. It is the debut entry in The Legend of Zelda series and follows an elf-life boy named Link as he attempts to rescue Princess Zelda from Ganon. The game is among the best-selling retro video games of all time, having sold 60 million copies worldwide.

At the beginning, Link only possesses a small shield and a sword he receives from an older man in a cave. He then finds items that boost his abilities that increase his life meter, stronger swords that injure his enemies more, and magic rings that reduce the amount of damage. He can also acquire in-game currency (Rupees) to buy information, weapons, and ability upgrades. An online slot titled The Legend of Link draws inspiration from this retro video game and can be enjoyed by Canadian players in online casinos.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a 1978 arcade game released by Taito in Japan and licensed to Bally for overseas distribution. It was the first fixed shooter game and generally receives the credit for creating the shoot them up subgenre of video games. It is one of the most influential video games of all time, as it ushered in a new era of arcade games and inspired numerous electronic games.

The gameplay features a fixed shooter at the bottom of the screen. The goal is to eliminate all the aliens and prevent them from reaching the bottom of the screen. The aliens also fire projectiles to destroy the player’s cannon, which the player must avoid.

The popularity of this game spread into the casino industry and influenced Playtech to develop an online slot with the same title. The casino game has five reels and ten paylines with various bonuses for players in Canada to enjoy. Gamblers can play this game on numerous trusted casino sites and stack huge winnings.


Developed by Soviet software engineer Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris is a 1984 puzzle video game with simple rules. It is considered one of the great early video games and holds the Guinness World Record for the most ported video game, thanks to its availability on over 65 platforms. The game requires players to use the differently shaped falling blocks (tetrominoes) to fill the rows without leaving any gaps. Completed rows disappear, allowing the player to fill the empty spaces. The player also receives points every time a row disappears.

You’ll find the game in many online minimum deposit casinos for Canadian players. Like traditional slot games, it features five reels and three rows with no wild symbol. However, it has a 243-pay line structure that pays out cash prizes for any left-to-right matching combination. It also has to scatter symbols that trigger a bonus round if three of them land on the reels.

Street Fighter II

Developed and released by Capcom in 1991, Street Fighter II is a fighting game with a combo system and a wide range of characters with unique fighting styles. It is the second game in the Street Fighter series and features a two-player mode that involves human-to-human competitive play. The game’s goal is to exhaust the opponent’s vitality before the given time elapses.

In 2020, NetEnt released Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot into the online gambling market. The game has five reels and five rows and uses the Cluster Pays mechanism to deliver an exciting gambling experience to players. When you land four or more matching symbols vertically or horizontally in the grid, the avalanche feature is triggered, and you will receive a cash reward. Winning clusters are then eliminated from the grid and replaced with new symbols. Many online casinos in Canada host this game on their website, allowing customers to play in demo mode or for real money.


Retro video games remain popular among gamers worldwide because they evoke syringe feelings of nostalgia in people who played them when they were first released. Young players also enjoy the old-school design, classical music, and simple but highly entertaining gameplay they deliver. The success and popularity of several retro video games have inspired top-rated software developers to develop various online casino games. Look for these games on any legitimate gambling site in Canada to enjoy a fantastic and lucrative experience.


What is retrogaming?

Retrogaming is the collection and playing of old-fashioned video games using older-generation computers and consoles.

How can I play retro video games?

Although retro video games were developed for outdated gaming systems, many have been ported to modern hardware to give players easy access.

Can I play online casino slots inspired by retro video games in Canada?

Absolutely! Many online casino sites in Canada host online slots that draw inspiration from retro video games. Register on these platforms to enjoy these games and claim their generous promotions.

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