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Google’s Video Unblur feature could debut with Pixel 8


According to a new report by 9to5Google, Google is preparing the Video Unblur feature, and it could debut with the Pixel 8. As many of you know, this is basically the same thing as Photo Unblur, but for videos.

Google’s Video Unblur feature could debut later this year, with the Pixel 8 series

Google introduced Photo Unblur last year, along with the Pixel 7 series. That feature is still exclusive to the Pixel 7 series, and it seems like the Video Unblur could debut on this year’s flagships.

The source spotted some changes in the new Google Photos APK. It basically detected the Video Unblur feature in there, as they even managed to force the UI to appear in the app. That’s all they were able to do, though.

The feature is not functional at the moment, unfortunately. What they did discover, however, is that we’ll get new video overlays, which you’ll be able to use to change the color of the video, basically. Photo Unblur is actually a truly useful feature, so having something similar for videos will be great. Well, as long as it functions well enough. Needless to say, it’s far more difficult to make something like that for videos.

Google Video Unblur spotted 9to5Google image 1

Now, do note that folks over at 9to5Google are only guessing this will debut with the Pixel 8 series. Mainly because Photo Unblur first appeared on the Pixel 7 series, of course.

There is a slight chance Google will talk about it during Google I/O 2023

There is a chance we may see this feature even sooner, though, at least some sort of a preview. Google is hosting the Google I/O 2023 developers conference in May this year, as it does every year.

Last year, during Google I/O, Google basically confirmed the design of the Pixel 7 series. So, we may get some sort of a preview this year, and who knows, Video Unblur may be demoed too. Google will most likely keep that under wraps until the Pixel 8 launch, though.

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