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Google Workspace plans get increments along with improvements


All Google Workspace plans have seen an increase from their previous pricing. The new prices are now being implemented, a few weeks after Google announced them. So, if you use Google Workspace for collaboration with your team, you’d pay a slightly increased plan when your subscription renewal is due.

Regardless of the Business plan you subscribe to, your payment will see an increase. But, the increment varies from one plan to another, with the Business Plus plan seeing the highest increase. Well, if you subscribe to the Enterprise, Education, and annual payment, this price increment won’t affect you.

This price increment comes in light of the AI integrations coming to the Workspace services. For this reason, Google is stepping up the subscription plans on all tiers. Here is everything you need to know about this subscription price increment on Google Workspace.

Everything concerning the new Google Workspace plans

Google Workspace, previously known as G Suite, has undergone yet another change. This time the change alters the pricing of the Workspace subscription plans. If you aren’t already aware, Workspace is simply a productivity tool from Google for your business team.

Lots of businesses rely on this service for collaboration with their team on various projects. To make use of this feature, business owners need to pay for a subscription plan. This plan gives them access to collaboration tools on various Workspace apps like Google Mail, Meet, and other applications.

There are a total of five Google Workspace plans for prospective users to choose from. These plans are Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise, and Education. Users then get to pick what best suits their business and team needs.

All plans have got a subscription price increment, except the Enterprise and Education plans. The Business Starter plan previously priced at $6 is now $7.20 getting a $1.20 price increase. Next is the Business Standard, previously priced at $12, which is now $14.40 raising the plan by $2.40. Lastly, the Business Plus plan, which was $18 per month, is now $21.60 making it the highest increment.

For the businesses currently on the annual subscription, they won’t be affected by this increment. The main reason for this increment is a result of the new Google Generative AI feature that is being introduced to the Workspace platform. This marks a new era for AI and Google Workspace with a ton of tools to make cross-collaboration easier.

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