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Google rolls out Pixel Camera 9.2 with enhanced UI and features


Google is bringing an improved camera experience to its Pixel lineup with the rollout of Pixel Camera 9.2. While the Pixel 8 series was previously on Pixel Camera 9.1, older devices were operating on version 9.0. Google has designed the Pixel Camera 9.2 to enhance the user interface and introduce new features across all Pixel devices.

A notable change in Pixel Camera 9.2 is the redesigned UI, catering to both the Pixel 8 series and older phones. The update moves essential controls like Brightness, Shadow, and White balance from the edges of the viewfinder to a convenient carousel accessible from the bottom-right corner. The addition of a “Reset all” button on the left side facilitates quick adjustments, a feature introduced for the Google Pixel 8.

Another significant shift is seen in the preferences panel, which includes flash, Top Shot, Timer, Ratio, and more. The panel has transitioned from a top-aligned position to a bottom sheet, accessed by a simple swipe up on the viewfinder. This change is part of Google’s effort to place more camera controls at the bottom of the screen for improved accessibility.

Pixel 8 series and older devices benefit from a revamped camera experience

In-Camera settings > Advanced, users will find new on/off toggles for features like “Ultra HDR” and “Rich color in photos” (via 9to5Google). While these features are new additions for older Pixel devices, Pixel 8 owners gain the ability to disable Ultra HDR if desired.

A noteworthy update in Pixel Camera 9.2 is the behavior of the Palm timer, which now defaults to activation only when the 3 or 10-second timer is in use. Users now have the option to set the Palm timer to “Always on,” providing a more versatile and customizable experience.

The Pixel Camera 9.2 update is currently rolling out via Google Play, offering users the opportunity to enhance their photography experience on all Pixel devices. Alternatively, users can choose to sideload the update for immediate access to the latest features and improvements.

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