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Google Reminders are finally becoming Tasks


Google is no stranger to having redundant products. The company has had its Assistant Reminders along with its Tasks for the longest time, and they both serve a similar purpose. Well, the company is finally making the transition from Google Reminders to Tasks.

This is something that the tech community has been complaining about for a while. Google Tasks is a useful To-Do app that syncs with the Google Calendar. Google Assistant Reminders also sync with your Calendar, and you can set them by using your voice.

It’s a bit weird and cumbersome having both services, especially if you use both of them. Also, you can’t set Tasks using Google Assistant. So, if you’re an avid Google Tasks user, you can’t simply ask the Assistant to set them for you.

That’s also annoying because Google Tasks has a much better interface for quickly making and managing items. Getting to your Reminders requires you going through the Google App and accessing the main menu.

However, Google did take a step in the right direction. It allows people to import their Reminders as Tasks. This helped a lot of people who didn’t feel like having two collections of items to keep track of.

Google is ditching Reminders for Tasks

Back in September 2022, Google announced that it would consolidate these two services, and it looks like that day is finally coming. The company started the transition from Reminders to Tasks. It’s rolling out now, so there’s a chance that you won’t see the update just yet.

Artem Russakovskii posted a tweet telling us all about this transition. After you get the update, you’ll see a popup telling you that you’ll be able to see your Reminders in Tasks. You’ll then see two buttons. One will show you how Tasks works, in case you haven’t used it before, and the other one will start the move.

This will transfer all of your Reminders over to Tasks. When it makes the transfer, all of your completed Reminders will be completed Tasks.

After the move, the Reminders function will disappear from Google Assistant. From then on, when you want it to remind you about something, it will automatically set a Task.

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