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Google Messages and Photos features are not available to some users


Over the past few months, there has been an influx of new features to the Google Messages and Photos apps. However, for some reason, some users of the app are losing access to some already existing features. As it seems, with the addition of these new features to these apps, some users are losing access to the old features they once made use of.

The feature on the Google Photos app that some users are losing access to is the cloud video uploading feature. While for the Google Messages app, some users can no longer access the message reminder feature. These are two features that users over the years have gotten familiar with and have put to use at different times.

Aside from these two features mentioned above, other users don’t also have access to the Google Photo upload settings page within the Messages app. The alarm clock in the Messages app is also missing for some users of the app. Users who are losing access to all these features are now wondering why these features are no longer available for their usage.

Possible reasons behind the Google Messages and Photos features that are missing for some users

As users start to notice that some older features on their Google Messages and Photos apps are missing, they are getting worried. The majority question whether Google is responsible for removing these features from their devices. Or whether there is a bug that is affecting their app and making these features to become inaccessible.

However, experts are not certain that Google is behind the removal of these features from the Messages and Photos apps. According to those familiar with the matter, “these removals seem accidental rather than intentional.” This means that it is most unlikely that Google is behind the removal of these features.

There is a chance that Google mistakenly removed these features from users facing the issue. But because most users of the affected apps still have access to these features, it’s unlikely that Google intentionally removed these features. The inconsistency of this removal is clear-cut proof that this isn’t a move from Google but more of a mistake.

Users facing this issue might need to wait for Google to provide a fix to it. In the coming days, Google might begin looking into this case to identify its cause as well as offer a fix for users. Once the fix is available, users will get it via an app update accessible from the Google Play Store.

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