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Google Meet now cancels background noise on phones


Not everyone can join a Google Meet meeting on a desktop. Some people have to quickly jump in using their phones. One benefit that desktop users enjoy is the background noise cancelation feature. Now, Google Meet can cancel background noise for mobile users.

Google Meet has been rolling out several updates as we’re still weathering this hybrid work life. Recently, the company expanded its 360-degree backgrounds feature to the public. If you’re using your phone, you can turn around, and the background will move accordingly.

Google Meet now cancels background noise for phones

Desktop users on Google Meet had the noise cancelation feature while mobile users were left in the dust. This could make for an awkward meeting especially if it consists of both mobile and desktop users. Since it’s so much easier to port your phone to different locations, mobile users are more likely to be in noisy environments like sidewalks or coffee shops.

Thankfully, Google sought fit to trickle the noise cancelation feature to mobile users. The feature will filter out background noise like construction work, busy streets, room echo, typing, etc.

It specifically targets noise that’s not human which works for the majority of the time. One thing that Techradar notes is that, since it filters anything that’s not human, it won’t filter human speech from other sources. So, if there’s a radio on in the background or another conversation, it won’t be filtered out.

Since this is a feature for Google Workspace, it won’t be available to all users. It’s available for people using the Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Frontline.

Google also stated that this feature is currently unavailable to users in South Africa, UAE, and the immediate surrounding areas. We’re not sure if the company plans on expanding the feature to those markets eventually.

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