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Google Chat Mobile just added the ability to star messages


Google Chat mobile now lets you “star” important messages for quick access. The new feature is rolling out to both iOS and Android apps. It should be available to all users within the next few days. Make sure to update the app to the latest version.

You can now star messages in Google Chat

Google introduced the ability to star messages on Chat on the desktop in November 2023. The company said the new tool will help you “stay on top of your most important messages.” You can star any message in Chat for easy access via a shortcut in the navigation panel. The feature comes in handy when you need to come back to a message later.

This function is now rolling out to Google Chat on mobile. The latest version of the app—both the standalone app and the integrated experience in Gmail—lets you long-press on a message to star it. You will find the new “Star” option in the context menu. The tool works in one-to-one conversations, group chats, and Spaces conversations.

You can star any message on Google Chat, including those you have sent. Starred messages are marked with a star icon next to the timestamp. If you want to unstar a message, long-press on it and select Unstar. The feature works the same way on Android and iOS. On the desktop version, you have to hover the cursor over a message for the context menu, click on More (three vertical dots), and select Star/Unstar.

To access your starred messages, tap the three-dot More button at the end of the floating bar in the bottom navigation menu. You will get a new sheet with Mentions and Starred. Select the latter and you will see all your starred messages across conversations. You can select a message to open the conversation and follow up with a reply if required.

The new feature is now rolling out to users

The ability to star messages is available with version 2024.01.21.x of the Google Chat app for Android. The new version is rolling out to users via the Google Play Store. Users with an iPhone or iPad will also get the feature with the latest version of the app. This follows the recent redesign of the bottom floating bar, which added an overflow button to accommodate the Starred menu. Google could have placed Mentions and Starred on the navigation menu itself for easier reach, but here we are.

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