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Get a Sneak Peek at the Enormous World of GTA VI With This Leaked Map


The GTA VI leaks are coming in strong. Just recently, we got a glance at the “first screenshot” of the game. Now, a small portion of the map has been leaked. And even though it is a “small portion” of the entire map, its size says a lot.

That leads us to believe that the game world of Grand Theft Auto VI will be massive. Nonetheless, there appear to be two new screenshots of GTA VI. And both of the screenshots have some new information to share.

In-Depth Look At the New Screenshots of GTA VI

So, the first screenshot, which is shared by a Redditor, pstuddy, shows an unknown character. The character appears to be standing in a factory yard of some kind. And while we know that GTA VI will have a female protagonist, this is hinting that there could be other playable characters too. Yes, just like Grand Theft Auto V.

The second screenshot, shared by the same user, shows the portion of the map. Considering the fact that the picture is pretty low in resolution, it is quite hard to get details of the map. But as one Redditor speculated, the leaked portion of the GTA VI map might be based on the Sebring Raceway.

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GTA VI Map and new character

Besides that, the leaked part of the map also appears to have factories, roads, and housing. And most importantly, the map portion might be on the countryside. The leaker did not provide or reveal any more information regarding the leaked screenshots. But these two images have surely got the fans pumped up about GTA VI.

Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to take all these leaks with a grain of salt. The portion of the leaked map might not even make it to the final version of GTA VI. Still, we do appreciate any leak revolving around the game, as Rockstar is just taking too long to launch the game.

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