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Generative AI is coming to Google Maps, Here’s how it’ll look


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is everywhere these days. Not only is Google adding it to everything, but so is basically everyone else. The next Google product that could see AI being added is going to be Google Maps, and Google is planning to use Generative AI here.

Thanks to Android Police, we’re now seeing how Google would onboard new users to this new Generative AI feature, which would start with Local Guides.

There’s going to be a new card that will encourage users to Search with Generative AI, and there’s a button below that will let them take it for a spin. Google is also including a page on how Generative AI works in Google Maps. As usual, there are also a few disclaimers from Google included. That includes this being an experimental feature and how your data is shared with Google.

After going through the onboarding process, Google Maps enables the functionality for you, and now you can “Search with Generative AI”. This will appear below your saved locations like Home and Work.

Google Maps is also getting a makeover

On top of that, Google Maps is getting a design makeover that introduced a card-style layout. This also came with some handy design tweaks to the navigation UI. This is going to go a pretty long way toward improving the user experience. It’s a lot more intuitive and modern now compared to before.

Google is constantly updating Google Maps and changing things to make it as helpful as possible. Now, with these new Generative AI features, it could be a handy app for more than just directions. You can ask it for “kid-friendly activities on a rainy day,” and it’ll give you a few options, which is an elegant feature.

Generative AI in Google Maps hasn’t rolled out yet, but it does sound like it’ll be coming any day now.

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