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GeForce NOW gets a few new games this week plus expanded access


NVIDIA GeForce NOW is expanding access to the RTX 4080 tier this week. Gamers rejoice! The service is also getting a small handful of new games onto the service today, one of which is Tchia. A delightful little game that doesn’t force you into doing tasks for gameplay progression. Rather you can pick and choose what you want to do.

But of course, Tchia is not the only new title you can stream using GeForce NOW. The service is also getting four other titles today, including Chess Ultra, Amberial Dreams, Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga, and No One Survived. Both Chess Ultra and Tchia are new releases that just came out this week. And both are currently only available on the Epic Games Store. Tchia will be getting a Steam release at some point. But it’s unclear when that will be, as the Steam page merely states that it’s coming soon.

You can grab Tchia on Epic though for $29.99, and it’s even on sale for $26.99 until March 28. As for Chess Ultra, it’s one of Epic’s free games right now. Its normal price will be $12.99 once the sale ends on March 30. So you might want to grab this one if you enjoy Chess.

GeForce NOW 4080 superPOD access expands to Sofia, Bulgaria

GeForce NOW 4080 Access Expansion

GeForce NOW continues to maintain a steady stream of incoming games, all of which can be played with high fidelity and tons of cool features that only an RTX 40 series GPU can provide.

But all of that only matters if it’s accessible where you live. Today, NVIDIA has announced the expanded access of its 4080 superPODS to Sofia, Bulgaria. The GeForce NOW service itself was already available in the region, but not with the Ultimate tier. Now subscribers in the region will be able to experience games in the cloud with NVIDIA’s latest enhancements. 4080 superPODS are also available in San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Ashburn, Montreal, London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

Additionally, NVIDIA is giving away a free in-game reward for Marvel’s Midnight Suns players. Captain Marvel’s Medieval Marvel suit. Premium and Ultimate members will have until May 6 to claim the reward.

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