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Foldable iPhone and iPad are coming soon!


Apple has been making a lot of buzz in the tech industry with its latest patents for the foldable iPhone. The company has recently received new patents to protect these screens. Indicating that things are heating up for the potential release of the foldable iPhone in the near future.

In our previous news, we talked about Apple’s folding screen patents, and how they hinted at the possibility of a foldable iPhone model. The screen structure of this phone has required the brand to obtain patents that are necessary to protect it. With more and more patent news coming in every day, it seems that the release of the foldable iPhone is not far off.

Apple preparing to launch a foldable iPhone and iPad

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The latest patent application by Apple is titled “Screen Protection Techniques Using Self-Retracting Display Device and Drop Detection”. While the application name may be quite technical and difficult to understand, the details that emerge from it explain the essence of the matter. Apple’s patent suggests the use of a vertical altitude sensor, similar to those found on airplanes. This sensor would calculate the height of the phone from the ground. And, in case of sudden altitude losses, such as a fall, would close the fragile screen structure of the phone. Or turn the screen upside down to protect it.

Apple has always been committed to producing durable phones, and this patent is just another way for the company to demonstrate this. For instance, the iPhone 5S received a phone protective system patent upon its release. This patent stated that when your phone starts to fall to the ground, sensors on the back of the phone detect it and start to rotate the phone thanks to the vibration motors, providing a soft landing on the ground. Although this idea has not been implemented, it is an example of Apple’s commitment to producing durable phones.

Furthermore, rumors of a foldable iPad have also surfaced. The model will have a design similar to the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold. And could be released before the foldable iPhone. While the focus of the latest patent photos appears to be on the iPhone. It is possible that Apple could surprise us with the release of a foldable iPad.

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