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Firefox 111 for Android brings Total Cookie Protection & PDF viewer


Mozilla has released Firefox 111 for Android. The latest update for the popular web browser brings a built-in PDF viewer and Total Cookie Protection, a privacy feature that blocks cross-site tracking by default. The company has also fixed a few quirky bugs and security issues.

Firefox for Android gains Total Cookie Protection

Mozilla debuted Total Cookie Protection as an optional privacy feature for private windows in June 2021. In February last year, the company rolled out the feature to everyone on Windows and Mac and enabled it by default for all windows.

A year later, it is now available on Android as well. Total Cookie Protection creates a “cookie jar” for every site and confines all cookies to the site they were created on. This prevents websites from tracking your activities across the web. It adds another layer to your online privacy.

The second major addition to Firefox for Android with version 111 is the built-in PDF viewer. You no longer need a third-party app to open PDF files downloaded via Firefox. The browser can open those itself. If you’re using a Pixel phone with Android 12 or Android 13, there’s a special feature for you.

Firefox now lets you share links to recently viewed web content directly from the Recents screen. Last but not least, this update changes how the “Open in” intent of Firefox behaves on Android. You need to confirm before opening a link. Mozilla says it will refine this change with upcoming releases.

Apart from these new features or changes, Firefox 111 for Android also fixes a few bugs. Mozilla’s release notes state that the company has pathed a compatibility issue with Android 13 that caused problems while copying saved passwords.

It has also gotten rid of a bug that showed a white bar at the bottom of the screen when scrolling, with the toolbar bar set to the top. Finally, Mozilla has “fixed a crash when interacting with the media playback notification in the notification drawer.”

Mozilla has also updated its browser for iPhones and PCs

Along with Android, Mozilla has also updated its browser for iPhones and desktop to version 111. There aren’t any notable new features for iPhone users but Windows computers are getting support for native notifications.

Additionally, Firefox Relay users can now opt-in to create Relay email masks directly from the Firefox credential manager on their computers. You can find the full release notes here. Android users can click on the button below to download the latest version of Firefox from the Google Play Store.


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