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El Salvador’s Bitcoin President receives 91% approval rating: La Pensa Grafia


El Salvador President Nayib Bukele received an approval rating of 91% from the local population, according to a survey conducted by La Prensa Grafica (LPG) — one of the leading daily newspapers in El Salvador.

Despite the media outlet being known for its opposition to the current political regime in the Central American country, the leader has expressed doubt that the survey results might be even higher.

Bukele’s soaring approval

Having assumed office in June 2019, El Salvador’s President has garnered one of the highest approval ratings globally. Previous data indicated that around 85% of Salvadorans were content with his leadership.

Of the survey conducted by LPG, less than 7% of the population disapproved of Bukele’s governing — while 2.1% of survey participants did not offer an answer.

Additionally, the survey showed that Bukele’s popularity surged with mostly young people who aspired to a higher economic standard of living. Partiprimarilys cited his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, enhancing the health sector, constructing the country’s highway infrastructure, and implementing reforms in education as some of his most noteworthy accomplishments in recent years.

Besides significantly investing in crypto, Bukele has said that Bitcoin has rebranded El Salvador’s national image and helped with tourism. The El Zonte beach area (also known as Bitcoin Beach)— has attracted many Bitcoin maxis, like Max and Stacy Herbet — the former Russia Today financial news hosts — who are now advisors to President Bukele.

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Bukele took to Twitter to share the survey results, stating that the survey figures could be higher, given that La Prensa Grafica has previously criticized his policies.

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