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Discord voice chat for PS5 is finally here


Discord voice chat has finally arrived for PS5 users, after months of waiting following leaks and then an official announcement. For the past few months, this feature has been in testing. And essentially, it’s just a way to circumvent having to stay connected to Discord using the mobile app or your PC. The newly added integration presents a handful of benefits and removes at least one giant pain point – having to decide between listening to the game audio or the chat audio.

The only real way around this is having a headset that allows a connection to the PS5 and the chat simultaneously. Something like the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless allows this function. But it’s not exactly an affordable headset. Now, none of that matters, because official on-console support is available. You can use whatever headset you want to connect to the PS5 as long as it’s compatible, and simply transfer the Discord call to the console. There is a bit of setup, but that’s easy enough to do.

Discord voice chat on PS5 is part of a larger system software update

For me personally, the Discord voice chat is the biggest part of this update. Because it’s something I’ve been waiting on for a long time. But it’s not the only new feature for PS5 users.

Today Sony pushed out a system software update that adds in other changes and improvements. Including some improvements to the 1440p VRR support that was added in an earlier update. Basically, most of the feature changes are things that users on the most recent beta have already had access to. Everything included in today’s update is just rolling out to users globally.

Other key features available to all users today include the “join game” icon in party chats, and tile for games that show “friends who play.” The update is available to install on your PS5 now and you can read more about all the features in our post about the beta.

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