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Discord adds colorful themes to the desktop app


Discord has added a new feature to the desktop app today in the form of themes, letting users add a splash of color to their app window. These aren’t to be confused with the light and dark themes that have been available for a while. But vibrant gradient palettes draped across the app to give your Discord experience “your personal vibe.”

The new color themes are available for the Discord app on desktop only and don’t appear to be available on mobile. But Discord says that mobile is on its to-do list. So users should be able to see these color themes available on the mobile at some point in the future. The themes are also compatible with both Windows and Mac. And they can be used on the browser version of Discord too. There is however, one small caveat.

Discord app color themes are available to Nitro subscribers only

Discord App Color Themes

As you may have guessed, here’s the rub. You’ll need to be a Nitro subscriber to get access to the color themes. Nitro does provide some other really cool benefits, though. Like larger file uploads, the ability to use animated profile avatars and more.

And with the potential for even more theme options down the line, having Nitro would open up the capability to really customize the look of your Discord experience. There are currently 16 different color themes that you can choose from. The color themes feature is in beta, so it’s quite likely users will see more colors once it rolls out as a stable feature.

You can change your theme to a new color by going to the settings menu, then clicking on the Appearance menu. You can also preview the themes if you want to see what all of them look like without having to back out of settings. And, the preview option is available to non-Nitro users too. So you can at least see what you’re missing.

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