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CSGO Source 2 beta could be soon, as Valve makes private Steam updates


A new series of updates, posted by Valve to the backend of CSGO on Steam, hint at the possibility that a CSGO Source 2 beta could be coming soon. Previously, rumours have circled regarding the FPS game and the potential Counter-Strike 2 release date. Although a complete sequel might be wishful thinking, it looks increasingly like CSGO Source 2 could be just around the corner.

On March 14, a series of changes and updates were made to the ‘development’ and ‘pre-release’ branches of the CSGO Steam backend. Essentially, Valve has altered and made hidden additions to the game, presumably with a view to unveiling them at a later date.

This in itself isn’t unusual – virtually every CSGO update, from patches to new cases, will exist in the development and pre-release branches before going live. What is interesting is the series of ID numbers given to these most recent updates.

Every new update or packet of content – also referred to as ‘depots’ – is assigned a unique ID number in the Steam backend. The most recent CSGO changes use the ID numbers for the Counter-Strike Global Offensive beta platform.

Put more simply, Valve has seemingly made a series of CSGO updates which it plans to release as part of a limited public beta. Take a look at the image below, and you can see that when highlighting the recent changes in SteamDB, they direct to the CSGO beta platform.

In combination with recent news, for example a file archive for CSGO 2 being uncovered in an NVIDIA driver update, and it seems possible that a CSGO Source 2 beta is planned for the near future. Now might be a good time to brush up on CSGO ranks.

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