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Counter-Strike 2 launch could be soon as Valve unveils brand-new logo


Surely the Counter-Strike 2 release date will be here soon. I mean, come on. First we had all those potential CSGO Source 2 updates in Steam. After that, Valve filed new trademarks for something called ‘CS2.’ And now, we’ve got a brand-new Counter-Strike logo, that seems to contain another cheeky hint for Counter-Strike 2. A new release of the flagship FPS game must be on its way.

To quickly bring you up to speed, speculation on Counter-Strike 2 – or perhaps a port of Global Offensive to the Source 2 engine – began in earnest when Valve uploaded a series of new executable files marked ‘CS2’ to the CSGO Steam backend.

Not long after that, we reported on a fresh trademark filing from Valve, which linked a new property – also named ‘CS2’ – to the existing CSGO brand.

Now, a whole-new Counter-Strike logo has appeared. On its own, it might not seem like much, but given everything else that’s been circling around CSGO lately, particularly the idea that we might get either a full sequel, or a relaunch of the series in some form, this could be pretty telling. Check it out below:

Replacing the existing banner on the official CSGO Twitter, one Counter-Strike fan with the username ‘Fitchin’ notices that if you flip the banner horizontally, the ‘S’ looks remarkably like a figure 2. We tried it ourselves and, again, you can see it below:

Counter-Strike 2 launch could be soon as Valve unveils brand-new logo: The reverse of a new Valve logo for FPS game CSGO

So, is this the final in a series of cryptic signals that Counter-Strike 2 is on its way? Or is Valve just playing with us, like it’s been playing with our hearts ever since Half-Life 2 Episode Three got cancelled? PCGamesN will keep digging and bring you all the CS2 developments as they happen.

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