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Binance CEO CZ ‘Banks are a risk to fiat-backed stable coins’ in reaction to SVB, USDC Depegging


Meanwhile, Binance is not alone in considering a move into traditional finance; with Kraken has also stating its intentions to open a bank, a move into traditional finance these enigmatic crypto founders believe will lead to the eventual holy grail of Web3 — full decentralization.

The collapse of FTX has put crypto-friendly banks under increased scrutiny, with the recent failures of SVB and Silvergate adding to the pressure on these institutions.

CZ indicates ongoing support for stablecoins

The Binance CEO also Tweeted his support for other stablecoins in the broader ecosystem, noting Binance’s recent addition of several stablecoin pairs.

CZ worries this is an attack on crypto

CZ also speculated that “it feels like there is a coordinated effort to shut down crypto-friendly banks,” noting the case of Signature as one example, but also noting that the stablecoin system is — ironically — under attack from a bank failure, rather than a crypto failure.

“Banks are a risk to fiat-backed stablecoins,” he added in a follow-up Tweet.




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