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The best computer speakers aren’t intrinsic to every gaming PC setup, especially since the best gaming headsets can give you the edge in FPS games. Of course, injecting your ears with gaming sounds comes with the caveat of being tethered to a desk. And while the best wireless gaming headsets can provide you with a degree of freedom, there’s nothing quite like filling your gaming cave with high-fidelity audio.

It’s commonplace for the best gaming monitors and laptops to produce sound without the help of the best computer speakers, but convenience usually comes with compromise. While integrated speaks work just fine, they often produce tinny audio and a distinct lack of clarity and definition in comparison to good quality, standalone computer speakers.

Here are the best computer speakers in 2023:

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Razer Nommo

The best computer speakers are the Razer Nommo.

This good-looking set of 2.0 stereo speakers from Razer is a great choice if you’re looking for quality audio to play games, watch movies, and pump up your favourite jams.

The speakers have one of the smallest footprints on this guide, and the lack of a large subwoofer can also help if you’re trying to manage cables in your setup. That said, the Razer Nommo is no slouch when it comes to providing a rumbling low-end.

Razer Nommo specs
Peak powerN/A
Frequency response50Hz – 20,000Hz
Audio channel2.0 stereo
The best gaming PC speakers are the Logitech G560Check prices

Logitech G560

The best gaming PC speakers are the Logitech G560.

Gaming peripherals just don’t feel complete without a splash of RGB lighting, and the Logitech G560 is here to enhance our audio experience through its LightSync RGB tech. There are two addressable LEDs on the back of each speaker, which you can configure yourself or allow them to respond to your audio and whatever’s happening on your monitor.

The included subwoofer allows the Logitech G560 to hit frequencies as low as 40Hz, giving you all the wobbly bass you could possibly need while also allowing the speakers to give you rich mids and highs. It also supports DTS:X Ultra positional surround sound, for an extra immersive experience.

Logitech G560 specs
Peak power240W
Frequency response40Hz – 18,000Hz
Audio channel 2.1 stereo / DTS:X Ultra positional surround sound
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.1 / 3.5mm / Micro USB

The best sound bar is the Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2

Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2

The best soundbar is the Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2.

Soundbars in the gaming PC market are relatively few and far between, especially compared to the prevalence of their speaker counterparts, but the Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2 makes us wish this wasn’t the case.

Rather than finding room for tweeters either side of your monitor, the Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2 should fit snugly under most displays and keeps cable clutter to a minimum. Don’t let its compact form factor fool you, as this soundbar has more than enough oomph in its 2.1 or virtual 5.1 surround sound configuration for a truly immersive gaming experience.

Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2 Specs
Peak power252W
Frequency response50Hz – 20,000Hz
Audio channel 2.1 Stereo / virtual 5.1 surround sound
ConnectivityAux / Bluetooth 4.2/ HDMI ARC / Optical / Subwoofer / SXFI / USB-C
The best surround sound speakers are the Logitech Z906Check prices

Logitech Z906

The best surround sound speakers are the Logitech Z906.

If you want a fully-fledged surround system, then the Logitech Z906 should be on your radar. This 5.1 set has rightly earned its legendary status, with an impressive peak power of 1,000W that drives the thunderous bass of its huge subwoofer, as well as the five satellite speakers.

With THX certification, the Logitech Z906 also makes for a great movie watching experience, bringing cinema-quality sound into your home. Plus, you can take advantage of that 5.1 surround sound in many of the best PC games. The ability to switch between multiple inputs means you can easily change between your PC, phone, or console. For even more versatility, you can add Logitech’s Bluetooth adapter to play sound through the system wirelessly.

Logitech Z906 Specs
Peak power1,000W
Frequency response35Hz – 20,000Hz
Audio channel5.1 surround sound
ConnectivityAux / Coaxial / Optical / Six-channel direct / RCA
The best budget computer speakers are the Creative Pebble V3Check prices

Creative Pebble V3

The best budget computer speakers are the Creative Pebble V3.

Looking for a cheap set of PC speakers that’ll still be a massive improvement over built-in monitor speakers? Look no further than the Creative Pebble V3. Despite being the cheapest option, they’re pretty stylish stereo speakers that look right at home when sharing the same setup as the best gaming PC.

Connecting to your system via USB, these little fellas have a peak power of 16W, so they can get more than loud enough for a small room. Don’t expect audio that’s going to take your breath away, but for a cheap option, Creative’s Pebble V3 offers great quality for its size. You can also stream to them from another device, such as smartphone, via Bluetooth 5.0.

 Creative Pebble V3 Specs
Peak power16W
Frequency response100Hz – 17,000Hz
Audio channel2.0 Stereo
ConnectivityAux / Bluetooth 5.0 / USB
The best computer speakers for audiophiles are the A5+ WirelessCheck prices

Audioengine A5+ Wireless

The best computer speakers for audiophiles are the Audioengine A5+ Wireless.

These are the best sounding computer speakers on this list, with its built-in 24-bit DAC that lets you listen to music how it was supposed to be heard. They’ve also got wireless connectivity, so even if you’re away from your PC, you can still fill your room with music by connecting your phone via Bluetooth. Sound quality stays top-tier over Bluetooth, too, thanks to Qualcomm’s aptX-HD codec, which allows 24-bit audio streaming.

The satellite speakers provide superb bass themselves, but if you’re looking for more of a kick, there’s the option to hook your own subwoofer up, too. Colour-wise, you can choose from white, black, or a snazzy bamboo effect.

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Specs
Peak power150W
Frequency response50Hz – 22,000Hz
Audio channel2.0 stereo
ConnectivityAux / Bluetooth 5.0 / RCA

Why should I use computer speakers?

PC gaming is admittedly a solitary hobby, at least when it comes to there being more than one person at a desk. However, there are times when using a pair of speakers for audio makes sense, especially if you invite a friend round to your gaming room. For starters, using multiple headsets can be cumbersome, as you’ll need a free USB or aux connection, and wired headsets result in an abundance of cables.

If you’re planning on playing Game of the year winner It Takes Two, you’ll also want to avoid using headsets, as the game relies on constant communication. Sure, this is still possible using a headset, but if you’re sitting right next to each other, features like noise cancellation could become a problem.

Which size speakers should I go for?

When choosing the best gaming speakers for your PC, there are a number of considerations to make, the first of which is size. If you place a subwoofer under the best gaming desk, for example, it could eat into valuable leg space, in which case Razer’s Nommo speakers would be ideal. If you’ve got little space left on your desk for a set of satellite speakers, then the Razer Leviathan soundbar could slot under your monitor nicely. But if space isn’t an issue, then you could kit your room out cinema-style with Logitech’s Z906 5.1 system.

Is surround sound worth it?

Splashing out on a surround system really depends on your usage of the speakers. If you’re going to be watching movies on your PC and want the most immersive experience, a 5.1 or 7.1 system will greatly increase that. There are also surround sound-compatible games, such as DeathloopCyberpunk 2077 and GTA 5.

On the other hand, if you’re primarily using your speakers for listening to music before switching to your favourite headset, then a simple stereo setup is all you need.

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