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Become a green machine with this new Xbox controller color


Microsoft has launched a new color for its Xbox Core wireless controller, a bright green hue that the company is calling ‘Velocity Green.’ While this isn’t the first green Xbox controller for the Series X|S generation, it is the first one officially from Microsoft. You can find all kinds of custom controllers available in a number of different colorways.

Like its previously launched options, the Velocity Green color of the Xbox controller that Microsoft is offering is vibrant. It’s also no different from any of the other colors in terms of hardware features or functionality. That means you’ll get the share button, the textured triggers and bumpers, the textured hand grips and more. It’s also compatible with both Xbox and PC so you can seamlessly switch it back and forth. What about cost? It’s no different there either. Kind of.

You can pick up an Xbox controller in the Velocity Green color for $64.99

If you’re looking to pick this controller up, it can be yours for $64.99. This is generally the price for each new controller color when they launch. But they do tend to drop in price over time. And depending on the retailer. For example, the Xbox Core wireless controller in various colors has been on sale for as low as $49.99 on Amazon numerous times. Though it isn’t that price currently.

And over at Best Buy, most of the available colors are hovering around $59.99. If you’re looking to grab the Velocity Green, you’ll have to get it directly from Microsoft at the moment.

Razer has a matching Quick Charging stand

Maybe you don’t care about matching accessories, but then again maybe you do. And if you want a charging stand for your new Velocity Green controller, Razer has you covered. As of today it now offers its Universal Quick Charging Stand in Velocity Green for $39.99.

This stand will work for any Xbox wireless controller from the Xbox One era as well as the new ones launched alongside the Xbox Series X|S back in 2020.

Universal Quick Charging Stand – Velocity Green

Xbox Core Wireless Controller – Velocity Green

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