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Asus battles Logitech and Razer with its impressive new gaming mic


Asus has just announced a new gaming mic, the ROG Carnyx, which while on the surface appears to be just a very RGB-filled and angular alternative to more established options, actually includes several notable features.

The new Asus option vying for a place on our best gaming mic guide includes a 25mm condenser capsule – the bit that actually captures the sound, which is quite bit larger than the typical 14-17mm size used by the likes of the Logitech G Yeti X and Elgato Wave 3, although the recently announced Xtrfy NGale X also has a 25mm capsule. The bigger the capsule, the generally more sensitive it is, though smaller capsules can be better at picking up higher frequencies so as ever in life, there’s a balance.

We’ll have to wait and see until we get the ROG Carnyx in for review before its we can determine its performance, but there are other features that immediately standout from the company’s announcement. For instance, this mic comes with an exceedingly rare addition: an integrated anti-vibration mount.

Such mounts are widely available for all manner of other mics, but they’re seldom included with the base unit. The tangle of bungie cord isolates the main body of the mic from its stand, preventing desk knocks and other ambient rumbles from transmitting to the mic itself.

Also hinting at some quality recording capability is the inclusion of up to 192 kHz / 24-bit sampling rate, plus there’s a built-in pop filter, a high-pass filter to reduce low rumbles (ideal for minimizing traffic noise), and there are integrated controls too. There’s also a mute button and a multi-functional control knob for changing headphone volume and turning on/off the high-pass filter.

Meanwhile, we of course can’t forget the prominent RGB lighting that shines forth from the microphone’s front. It’s customizable and we quite like the triangle grille pattern from behind which it glows.

The Asus ROG Carnyx price is $180, making it a premium option, but plenty of alternatives cost around $150 and have far fewer features. You won’t have to wait for its release date to buy one, though, as it’s already available to buy.

Does the Asus ROG Carnyx appeal to you or is it too big and expensive for your needs? Let us know your thoughts on the PCGamesN Facebook and X pages. Meanwhile, check out our latest best gaming microphone recommendations for more on the best way to spend your money on processing power.

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