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Apple will launch its classical music app later this month


Every music streaming service has something that makes it stand out, and Apple will unveil one that will definitely stick out. According to CNBC, Apple will launch its classical music-only app later this month.

Shocker: people still listen to classical music nowadays (GASP!). We can’t deny that classical music just doesn’t get as much attention as more modern genres of music. Streaming apps usually treat classical music as an afterthought while today’s latest hits overshadow it.

This leads classical music lovers to see incomplete libraries of music. They’ll search only to find sections of larger collections of works. “Looking for that 10-volume collection of Muzio Clementi’s piano sonatas? Well, here are volumes 2, 4, and 7. Enjoy!”

Apple will launch its classical music app later this month

It seems that Apple wants to help those distraught classical music lovers. We first got word about this potential app over a year ago, and the company has now officially announced it.

It bears the Apple Music name (being called Apple Music Classical), but it’s actually its own standalone app. It seems like a good idea for the company to make it its own app. It’s more assuring going to an app dedicated specifically to classical music rather than it being a section in the main app.

Apple says that its classical music app will boast more than 5 million tracks, and that’s quite the collection. Not only that, but the platform will have thousands of exclusive albums at launch. That’s really interesting, as it gives Apple Music Classical something else that other platforms don’t have.

We’re not sure how many classical music tracks platforms like YouTube Music and Spotify have, but we’re not sure they have as many as 5 million. Having exclusive content is just the icing on the cake.

The app will officially launch on March 28th. If you’re excited, you can find the app on the Apple App Store now and pre-order the app. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you’ll be able to use the app for no charge. If not then you’ll need to pay a monthly fee. We don’t know what the price is just yet.

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