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Apple iPhone 15 Pro Renders Reveal (Exciting?) Changes to Buttons and Design


iPhone 15 series is right around the corner. But you don’t need to wait until Apple officially unveils the series to know most about it. Leaks regarding the devices have been going wild these few weeks. And the most recent leak has just confirmed the design rumors revolving around the iPhone 15 Pro.

So, the newly surfaced leak about the iPhone 15 Pro reveals CAD renders of the device. This one offers a better early look at the upcoming phone than previously leaked images. And one of the key highlights of the leaked renders is that it showcases how the new buttons will look like.

New Button Design and No Mute Switch on iPhone 15 Pro

Spotted by a reputable leakster on Chinese social media, the leaked renders show the new form and features of the most-anticipated iPhone 15 Pro. But the most notable thing about the render is that it has fewer buttons. Instead of having two separate buttons for volume control, the upcoming phone might have one that serves the function of two.

The renders of the iPhone 15 Pro also show that there will be no mute switch. Instead, Apple has opted for a button to offer the same functionality. As you can guess, these are not the regular buttons you find in the current iPhones. Instead, they will likely feature a haptic design.

iPhone 15 Pro Solid-state button

That means the iPhone 15 Pro buttons are expected to be solid-state. And to offer you feedback, Apple will rely on software mechanisms, offering a vibratory sensation when activated.

On the other hand, the base iPhone 15 model seems to have a mute switch on the renders. So, there’s a chance that you might find the signature feature in its original form on the base model.

iPhone 15 buttons

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Besides that, the renders of the iPhone 15 Pro shows smaller camera sensors. On the renders, the phone appears to have just two lenses. Although, it is unclear how Apple will offer better camera performance if it does use small sensors on the Pro model.

Solid-state Buttons: Are There Any Benefits?

The benefits were quite clear when Apple transitioned to the Force Touch trackpad on MacBooks. For Mac users, it was pretty hard to click the trackpad near the top edge. The hinger design basically made it challenging. But with Force Tough, Apple fixed the issue. This feature even lets you make multiple clicks easily.

But with something that is as simple as volume buttons and a mute switch, the benefits are not that clear at first glance. I mean, the regular buttons on the current-gen iPhone are performing great. So, why bother to bring a new design to the upcoming iPhone 15 series?

iPhone 15 Pro
img src: macrumors

However, yes, in terms of having a single volume button, replacing it will be easier. Wondering how? You don’t need to work with two buttons. Still, iPhones are not known for repairability. So, I hardly believe that Apple is making this shift only for this reason.

Another benefit of the new iPhone 15 Pro buttons could be faster functionality. That is, you could finely tune the playback volume with one button. It could even offer you the ability to make finely tuned controls. But is that what iPhone users need at the moment?

iPhone 15 Pro

That said, Apple could definitely make the solid-state buttons of iPhone 15 phones gain more functionality. For example, there could be a dedicated function for hard press, single-tap, or double-tap. But that’s something Apple could do with the physical buttons available in current iPhones.

Still, without physical buttons, you need to deal with accidental presses. There’s no clear indication of how Apple plans to tackle this on the upcoming iPhone 15 devices. So, we will have to wait and see what Apple actually does regarding the buttons.

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