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Another Day, Another Issue With the Galaxy S23 Series; This Time It’s the Camera


Things are not looking great for Galaxy S23 users. Previously, we saw multiple reports revolving around the S23 Ultra. And this time, users of the S22 and S22+ are getting frustrated about their phones.

The thing is, in the Galaxy S23 lineup, only the S23 Ultra got a proper camera upgrade. On the other hand, the S22 and the S22+ utilize the same setup as the S22 and S22+. So, it is not like that Samsung had to deal with new software to handle the cameras of those phones. But still, a lot of users are noticing camera blur issues.

Galaxy S23 and S23+ Taking Blur Photos

The problem is basically with the 50MP rear camera of the Galaxy S23 and S23+. This sensor seems to be having trouble keeping the entire scene in focus. Users are reporting that the photos taken by their phones are focused on the center but very blurry on the sides and edges.

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After further digging into the matter, the issue seems to be only present in the Galaxy S23 and S23+ manufactured in Vietnam. That is, other regions’ users with S23 and S23+ could not replicate the issue entirely with their phones. And that is making matters a lot worse.

Galaxy S23 camera blur problem

The country of origin and manufacturing should not affect the quality of the phone. And there is a high chance that the issue might be just for some units of the Galaxy S23 and S23+ units. In fact, according to some users, the problem was also present in the Galaxy S22 units, but it was not reported earlier.

Currently, the only solution to this issue is to send the affected Galaxy S23 and S23+ to repair. But what about the S23 Ultra? Well, it does not exhibit any problem with the camera module, which is a given as it comes with a new sensor.

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