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Angry Birds might be flying back to the Play Store


The Google Play Store lost one of the most popular mobile games on the market, and it was a sad day all around. However, don’t dress in mourning just yet. It appears that Angry Birds could be returning to the Google Play Store. Only, it will have a different name.

In case you didn’t know, Rovio, the company behind everything Angry Birds, announced that it was delisting Angry Birds from the Google Play Store. The company did this because of the game’s impact on the company’s portfolio. Since the original Angry Birds was a product of 2009, it was developed long before the current age of mobile gaming: The Micro-Transaction Dynasty.

As stated before, the original Angry Birds was having a negative impact on the company’s portfolio. The thing is that the original Angry Birds is still the most popular of Rovio’s titles.

When people search for anything Angry Birds, it’s always the first title to come up. Now, this game cost $0.99 to download. The upfront cost discourages most people from buying it. It also pushed away from downloading the other Rovio games. So, think of Angry Birds as a dam keeping potential traffic from reaching Rovio’s other games.

Angry Birds might be returning to the Play Store

A Rovio employee told Axios (via Engadget) that the company could consider reversing the decision. At this point, we don’t know many details about this. The game is currently available on the Apple App Store under the name “Red’s First Flight”. It seems odd that the company opted to keep it for iOS devices.

If Rovio decides to bring it back to the Play Store, there’s a chance that it could return under that name. We’re still in the dark about when (or even if) the game will make it back onto the Play Store. What we do know is that if it does make it back, then it should be a good day. Maybe it would spark some more downloads.

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