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Activision makes Modern Warfare III official with a teaser trailer


The coming of a new Modern Warfare III release wasn’t exactly a huge secret, but now Activision has made it official with a teaser trailer it dropped this morning. The teaser doesn’t show a whole lot and is basically just the leadup to the name reveal, along with some audio dialogue.

But it does have the payoff with the reveal of the logo and a release date. The interesting thing really is that players have known about Modern Warfare III for months now. Most recently were leaked images of the game’s title on some product packaging for Monster energy drinks. But not too long before that, it was reported that this year’s Call of Duty would continue the story of Modern Warfare II from 2022.

And long before that, anyone who has played the original three Modern Warfare games knew what was coming. Even if it was only suspicion. At the end of Modern Warfare II (2022), players get a post credits scene that eludes to the Modern Warfare III remake. This is hinted at with the famous “No Russian” statement.

For those that played the original Modern Warfare 2, “No Russian” is a mission you play through. In it you go under cover with one of the game’s antagonists, Viktor Makarov. And he tells you and the other men, “No Russian” as you enter an airport to kill innocent civilians. The main point here, is that players saw this coming. Activision obviously wanted them to by dropping blatant hints. But now the title of this year’s release is official and public.

Modern Warfare III teaser confirms November 10 release date

Along with the official title reveal, we now also have a release date. November 10. The trailer also potentially hints at the return of Viktor Makarov. As an unknown person’s face partially appears towards the end before cutting to the title. This isn’t the first hint of Makarov of course. But it does appear to add further evidence that he’s going to be a main enemy in the upcoming game.

He’s also briefly hinted at in Modern Warfare II’s raid episodes, and seems to be the person on the other end of the text in the campaign’s post credits scene. Either way, Call of Duty fans now have a bit more to chew on with the upcoming release.

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