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A new operating system to replace MIUI


The tech world has been abuzz with rumors of Xiaomi’s operating system in development, MIOS. Recently, insiders on Twitter began posting a screenshot of the “About” screen, which is believed to have the logo of MIOS. This leak has attracted the interest of many, and while it may seem like a fake, there are some compelling reasons to believe that MIOS is indeed in development.

Xiaomi Shifts Focus to MIOS: The New Operating System to Succeed MIUI

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Rumors about MIOS have been circulating for almost a decade now. In 2013, the first reports emerged that Xiaomi was working on its own operating system. At the time, there were rumors that the platform would debut along with the flagship Mi 4. But that never happened. Instead, the smartphone was introduced with MIUI, like all subsequent models (with the exception of the Mi A series). This suggests that Xiaomi’s leadership did not see prospects in the development of its own operating system at the time.

Fast forward to today, and it appears that Xiaomi has had a change of mind. The leaked screenshot of the “About” screen suggests that MIOS is currently in the alpha stage of development. And the version number starts from scratch. All of this indicates that Xiaomi does not have a ready solution yet, or did not have one until recently – based on the build number, it was available on November 5, 2022.

While the specifics of MIOS are still a mystery, if it is indeed in development, it is likely to become a fork of Android, following the example of Huawei’s HarmonyOS. The design and features will probably be similar to those of the standard MIUI. However, it is unclear how much Xiaomi will differentiate its operating system from Android. We will for sure get more details in this regard very soon, so keep tuned with us.

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