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6 Best Money Transfer Apps


Apple Pay is probably the easiest route to go if you own an iPhone. Apple Pay is already on your device so there is no need to download a special app. You can use it to buy things at a store, online, or to send money to family or friends.

As with everything Apple, it has privacy and security built in. It’s very simple to set up. Just add your credit or debit card to the Wallet app on your iPhone and you’re set.

You can use Apple Cash with Apple Pay. If you’re not sure what Apple Cash is, it’s a digital card that resides within in your Wallet and it stores the money you receive or want to send. To send or accept, all you have to do is use iMessages and approve it using Touch ID or Face ID. 

At the moment, peer-to-peer payments are only available in the U.S. but you can pair Apple Pay with Western Union to send money internationally.

Apple Pay and Apple Cash are completely free and work natively with every Apple device. Unfortunately Android users will have to opt for a different money transfer app, Apple Pay is exclusively for iPhone users.

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